A game made for the GMTK Game Jam 2021!

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Mouse Left Click : Move

Q/W/E : Launch skills (if any)

R : Restart the level


Tired of their boring, peaceful lives, the denizens of this city have resorted to rioting!
As a paramedic, you must push through the chaos to find and whisk away the hurt and the injured.The only problem is, the zealous rioters tend to want to continue rioting. It is your job to use whatever means possible to get your patients to safety. Get out the strong sedatives and pull out your surgical hammer, because it's all aboard the STRETCHER TRAIN!


都市的居民因厭倦了長期的和平而發起大暴動! 在這場暴動中,您扮演一位勇敢的醫護人員,穿梭於混亂之中尋找需要幫助的傷患。 然而投入在狂熱中的市民們可能會不願接受治療,因此您得運用手邊的醫療用具, 像是強效鎮靜劑或是頭骨破壞槌─想辦法將需要幫助的傷患們一一串上擔架列車!


MobRescue.zip 37 MB
MobResuce_win.zip 36 MB


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The sound effects are a bit loud and you posted a development  build (meaning that you get error messages on the screen). When you build a unity game make sure you don't have development build on. Besides that it's a fun game that looks great